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Private Lessons Online

We offer one-to-one, online private lessons to help you unlock your true potential.

If your performance has suffered during the lock-down, then we can surely help you get back on track and excel!

One-on-one lessons offer sixty minutes of uninterrupted teacher-student time that large school class sizes cannot provide.

What We Teach

We offer tutoring in a range of subjects for the International Cambridge Board and IB (International Baccalaureate).

Our focus is to help students establish a solid foundation in their IGCSEs and A-Level subjects, so that they can choose to specialise in any stream of their choice at university.

With our founding member's background as a Professor of Engineering, we also offer tutoring in streams like IT, Telecom, Computers and Electronics.


Some possible fields: Astrophysics, Aeronautics, Engineering, Research and Medicine.


Some possible fields: Coding, Banking,  IT, Engineering, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber security.


Some possible fields: Biomedicine, Zoology, Botany, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary


Some possible fields: Medicine, Pharmacy Biochemistry, Research and Engineering


Some possible fields: English Literature, Journalism, Media studies, Writing and Translation


Some possible fields:

Statistics, Research, Actuary, Big Data Analyst, Finance


Some possible fields:

Translation, Diplomacy, Journalism, Hospitality, Travel writing


Some possible fields: Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and HR


Some possible fields: Economist, Investment Banking, Accounting, Finance, Actuarial Sciences and Taxation 


Some possible fields: Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Audit, Management, Book-keeping and Entrepreneurship

T.O.K (ib)

Skillset developed: Research, Analysis, Evaluation, Debating, Public speaking and Essay writing 



Some possible fields: Electronics, Software, IT, Telecoms, Mechanical and Civil


Applying to a UK university for undergraduate or postgraduate degree? We can help you create a top-notch personal statement for your chosen course and help browse and select UK universities too!

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Student Reviews

This is what they have to say!

"My son is studying with Majid Sir since three years and I have seen tremendous change from an unliked subject to a favourite subject. The method of teaching has been wonderful. My son Aryav has been learning Physics, and has consistently been getting A*s. Also, Sir also teaches Aryav higher level concepts sometimes, and uses lots of videos and simulations and digital devices to ensure that learning is fun as well."

Aryav's mum, Checkpoint/IGCSE, CP Goenka International School.

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