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Our Goal

The company was founded by two like-minded teachers, one in India and one in UK, as they shared their love for teaching and students. Our objective is to help every student achieve their true potential with the help of our tailored tutoring approach and a range of tried and tested teaching techniques.


Our top priority is to identify student needs and learning styles, so that we can design lessons that suit them.

Our Motto

Sustained progress requires dedicated students and teachers, abundance of practice and constant motivation. 

Hence, our motto is...


Commit, Practice and Excel

What You Need to Know

Step 1:

Send us your enquires on email

Step 2:

You receive a Call Back from us

Step 3:

Student is allocated a tutor

Step 4:

Get a Free 30 mins demo

Something About us

  • We act like matchmakers between the students and the teachers.

  • We have a strict process of interviewing and recruiting teachers with at least 5 years of teaching experience with Cambridge board International Schools and IB.

  • Only teachers with more than 70% A-A* ratios are recruited.

  • We interview the student too! This helps us understand their requirement and learning style better.

  • Only then, do we match you with a prospective teacher and enrol you onto one of our packages.

  • The best way to check student-teacher compatibility and effectiveness is through a free, 30-minute Demo Lecture. This gives the teacher as well as the student/guardians a chance to make an informed choice about joining us. 

Our Courses

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 00.43.27.png

We specialise in tutoring popular subjects for Cambridge International Board:

  • Checkpoint 


  • A-levels


We also have specialists in most subjects for International Baccalaureate 

  • IB Diploma Programme

  • MYP

  • PYP

For older students, we offer Engineering packs in the following streams:

  • Electronics

  • Computers

  • IT

  • Telecoms

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