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Summer Courses

Don't let the lock-down dampen your spirits!

We run a few ad-hoc courses that are a lot of fun!


Taught in small groups, these short courses will enhance your creative skills from the comfort of your home.


         Ages: 11-16           Start Date: June 2021          Duration approx.: 4-6 weeks         

       *duration and price varies per course                    

Creating a Movie

Creative Writing

6 weeks (2 evenings per week)

Do you have a creative streak in writing?


Would you like to explore and develop it over the summer holidays?


Join this course to spend two evenings a week learning, discussing and creating your own story, under the guidance of an experienced industry professional. Create or hone your idea into a structured story in a small group of like-minded creatives.

End result: Your own story outline ready to be developed in to a story book, novel, short film or even a movie pitch!


4 weeks (2 evenings per week)

Teach yourself some new and fun recipes under the guidance of a professional chef! The chef will also teach you some industry standard skills on using equipment like pros!

Improving Written English

5 weeks (2 evenings per week)

Do you often find yourself making grammatical errors when forming written or oral sentences?


Would you like to confidently construct cohesive written and spoken material?


Then this course might be for you! Join us as we go over essential grammar elements, common grammatical errors and myths and lots of practice to increase your confidence and skills. 

Dramatic Actress


5 weeks (2 evenings per week)

Are you an expressive and emotive personality?

Do you like the spotlight?

Did you always want to be seen on the stage?

Then, look no further, because this course offers you all that and more! Get trained by someone already in the field of live theatre to realize your dreams and unleashing the star that you already are. 

Lights, Camera, Action!


5 weeks (2 evenings per week)


6 weeks (2 evenings per week)

Do you plan to pursue singing professionally, or just want to impress that special someone? Do you like music, and know the lyrics as well, but feel that you can't sing?

Never fear, as our professionally trained singing instructors will ensure that all ears are on you when you take the mic at a party or an event.

Get trained in classical or western vocals from the best in the field of singing.

Artist Performing on Stage
Chess Pieces


5 weeks (2 evenings per week)

  • Do you find yourself smitten by the strategies used by Kasparov and V. Anand? 

  • Good enough to beat your friends, but want to play chess professionally?


Our Chess Expert would love to teach you the secrets of the game.


Don't worry if you've never played chess before. Our sessions are tailored to fit students of all skill levels as we build your skillset in small groups.

Chess Game


5 weeks (2 evenings per week)

Learn to stand out on the dance floor with the amazing dance techniques of a trained dancer. Be it Classical, Bollywood, B-boying or Contemporary, our lovely dance instructors are here to impart their expertise. 


So enrol for this package, and don't forget to bring your dancing shoes along!

Smiling Dancer

Use what talents you possess; The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.  ~ Henry Van Dyke      

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